Stanza World


{ Your Italian Attitude }

Stanza brings you the sharp line of menswear in Formal, Luxury, Casual and Fashion with a disposition that is distinctively Italian.

The colours, textures, are only a refection of the unique characteristic that you see in the Italian life in street cafes, Piazzas and Restaurants. Nothing is mundane. Fashion in Italy is to accentuate every individual disposition in his own way.

Stanza takes great care in designing the fabric or sourcing them from the best in Italy and India. Crafting a Stanza Men’s wear with its 42 parts with attention to detail ensures perfection. A lot of precision goes into the quality of the thread, size of the stitch and the shape of the buttons.

As for the quality of the fabric, design, fit and finish of Stanza Men’s wear each one is unique in its own way. For business or for pleasure Stanza has perfected the art of making great Men’s wear so that you can flaunt your Italian Attitude.